Students and community members are encouraged to join any of our meetings!
Fall 2012 Wednesday @ 7:00pm in Stone Center 209 or a nearby classroom


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FSU hosts numerous events on campus. In the past, we sponsored a film screening event called Chasing Intimacy: The Place of Pornography in Heterosexual Relationships.  Robert Jensen (School of Journalism, University of Texas, Austin) showed “The Price of Pleasure,” a film that offers a critical examination of the heterosexual pornography industry. Jensen followed the screening with a Q&A session.

We also screened a PBS special called “The Last Abortion Clinic” and followed with a discussion about “Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” These centers offer only limited options to pregnant women, refusing to provide information on abortion services.

And recently, we co-sponsored a lecture from prison abolitionist Vikki Law on women and incarceration.  Check out her book Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women.

Last semester, we were able to host a spoken word performance by the talented and inspiring Andrea Gibson with a workshop the following day to discuss an artist’s accountability in current political climates.

Consciousness Raising Sessions

As a form of political activism and in tradition with feminists of the past, FSU holds a number of Consciousness Raising (c.r.) sessions throughout each semester.  While c.r. is historically rooted in bringing women together to discuss how individual problems actually reflected common conditions faced by all women, FSU invites people of all genders to participate.   Through c.r. sessions, we aim to get a better understanding of how women’s oppression and men’s privilege manifest in our personal lives.

Join us for our next session: TBA.


Students and community members are encouraged to join any of our meetings!